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publishing credits



Counting Little Geckos
The RGU Group, June 2005>

Bobolink Media, 2009

Guess Who’s in the Desert

Rio Chico Books, March 2013


He’s Your Daddy! Ducklings, Joeys, Kits, and More

Dawn Publications, Sept. 2019

children's magazines

  • Highlights High Five, poem, “Happy Halloween,” 10/08

  • Highlights for Children, "The Mystery of the Wet Lizards," with co-author Dr. Wade Sherbrooke, 11/06. A profile of Dr. Sherbrooke describing the scientific method he used to prove his hypothesis about unusual lizard behavior. 

  • Highlights for Children, "Smile! It's Sarah Bear," 12/04, a profile of Morrighan Clinco who for 7 years traveled overseas, with renown doctor/clown Patch Adams, to bring joy to orphanages, hospitals, and nursing homes.

  • Pockets, "Peacemakers at Work," Vol. 24 No. 10, 11/2004, a profile of twelve-year-old Michael Valdez who raised money to buy stab/bulletproof vests for police dogs.

  • My Friend, "What's Inside?" 3/04, a grandfather's rock collection helps his grandson learn to look beyond external differences. 

writing publications

  • Children’s Writer, March 2009, article about my Grand-Prize winning entry in the PreK Seasonal writing contest

  • Children's Book Council (CBC) Magazine, Perspectives,  "Children's Book Authors: Learn How to Promote Children's Book Week, Your Book and Yourselves," co-authors Juanita Havill and Jennifer J. Stewart, online 7/06

  • The Journey SCBWI-AZ Newszine, “The Three P’s of Submission: Practice, Patience, Persistence,” online Spring 2006

  •  The Institute of Children's Writers Rx for Writers, online 9/04-9/05, "Profile/Interview Writing: Say Goodbye to Rejection Letters." Also BOOST4Writers, online April 2006, The Journey SCBWI-AZ Newszine, online Spring 2008

  • The Report of the 2003 Highlights Foundation Writers Workshop at Chautauqua New York, poem "Chautauqua" 

other publication credits


  • Positive Promotions Slogans, 2005-2011

  • Arizona Daily Star, “Obama inspires change,” October 18, 2008

  •  Desert Dog, “Michael Valdez, Canine Protector,” sold 2/07

  • OFLNA Newsletter, 11/2000, "Why Volunteer for OFLLAH?" essay

  • Cactus Thimblers, "My Thimble Collection," Volume 19, 1/21/1996

  • Arizona Daily Star, "Pay Teachers More," editorial

  • Arizona Daily Star, "Plant of the Week--African Bird of Paradise



& prize


  • 2019 Indie Book Awards Winner (gold) Children's Picture Book (6 years & up) for He's Your Daddy

  • 2019 Bank Street College Children's (under 5) STEM Books of the Year

  • 2019 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award (Gold) He’s Your Daddy

  • 2019 Mom’s Choice Award (gold) He’s Your Daddy

  • 2019 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award (Silver) He’s Your Daddy

  • 2016 Judy Goddard/Libraries Ltd. Arizona Children's Author  

  • 2012 Writer’s Unite to Fight Cancer Contest, Children’s Fiction Winner, “Victor’s Gifts”

  • 2010 South West Writers’ 28th Annual Writing Contest Middle Grade/YA Novel Finalist, “Elvis, Ruby, & Me”

  • 2010 Abilene Writers Guild Writing Contest Honorable Mention, “Look Out, Little Lizard!”

  • 2009 Children’s Writer Pre K Seasonal Writing Contest Grand-Prize ($500!), “Nature’s Lullaby, An Earth Day Story”

  • 2009 Children’s Writer Pre K Seasonal Writing Contest Finalist, “A Very Unscary Halloween!”

  • 2007 Society of Southwestern Authors  Writing Contest, Children’s Short Story Honorable Mention, “Hamburger Worms”

  • 2007 Writer Unboxed Honorable Mention, Make Up a Word 
    Contest: Thesaurusania: compulsive searching for the perfect word

  • 2003 Highlights Foundation scholarship, travel expenses and partial tuition for the week long Writers Workshop in Chautauqua, NY

  • Sam Levitz Direct-To-You Warehouse, Tucson, AZ, second-place prize winning slogan, 11/1988

  • Safeway Grocery Store, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, prize winning slogan, 9/1985

  • Central High Reunion Memory Book, Special Recognition Award 11/1991, "What Have I Done Since ‘61?" 

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