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school, library, conferences & presentations

PreK, Kindergarten, Library, 15 min.

Counting Little Geckos Story Time

“Thank you for a wonderful story time.”  - Dawna
"Thank you--great presentation."  - Miss Carmen

Ideally limited to one class per presentation. 
Interactive, book reading with rain stick, gecko song and

hand stamp, book signing


Grades 1 - 2, 30 min.  

The Life of an Author

Q/A about being an author. 
Reading Guess Who's in the Desert and He's Your Daddy


Grades 3 - 6

WOW Writing/Tips for Young Authors, 45 min.

Interactive! My most popular presentation. Secrets that lead to quality writing, based on 5 yrs. experience scoring grades 3-11 standardized test essays. Two classes may be combined.

"I've heard nothing but praise from my faculty and students!" - Elaine

"It was amazing, exciting, and you also made me giggle!"  - 3rd grade student

"Thanks for the awesome advice. I think we will get awesome scores on our AIMS test." - 5th grade student

“Yesterday you presented Ace AIMS Writing to my son’s class and he came home raving about you! I’m a literacy coach at a school in Phoenix and would love to bring you here to 
talk to our third and fourth grade students.” - Jennifer Cooper


A full day includes a maximum of four presentations.  .  If neighboring schools wish to split the cost of a full-day visit, I can spend the morning at one school and visit the other in the afternoon, giving two presentations at each school. 
Please allow 10-15 minutes between sessions and remember to factor in time for lunch and book signing. 


  • smart board

  • computer or overhead/
    document projector

  • large white screen or wall
    area for viewing

  • room which can comfortably accommodate audience and can be darkened (Please no gym or cafeteria settings.)

  • small table

  • chair





In Phoenix:
   15-30 min. presentations: $100 each
   45 min. presentations: $300 each

In State: 
Add $100 to fees + expenses for travel, lodging, and meals.     

Out of State:
Full day: $1,500 + expenses for travel, lodging, meals 


Store Visits, Free

Book readings after which children can have their
hand stamped with a gecko and/or a roadrunner and
have their books personalized.       

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