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I'm a "desert rat" who grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. At age six, I chose teaching as a career because I idolized my first grade teacher. In the 8th grade I won a smile contest. I've never stopped smiling. After graduation from Arizona State University with a BA in Elementary Education, I taught kindergarten through third grade in the desert locales of Phoenix, Saudi Arabia, and Tucson. 

I've traveled in 19 countries, lived in 20 homes in 5 states (AZ, CA, NM, NY, WI), and now live in Sun City West, AZ. A kid at heart, I collect giraffes and love to stay up late and sleep late, laugh, read, play Words with Friends, and savor red wine and dark chocolate. 

Since beginning my new career as a children's author, I've written stories and poems for children of all ages--everything from board books to novels. My stories, articles, and poems have appeared in Highlights for Children, Highlights High Five, Pockets, and My Friend among others. 

My writing has won numerous awards (Click publishing credits for details). I’m especially proud to have received the 2016 Judy Goddard/Libraries Ltd. Arizona Children’s Author beautiful storyteller award.



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