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Guess Who's In the Dessert


The desert is full of surprises! You never know what you might find nestled in a tall saguaro or climbing steep canyon walls. All you have to do is look! This fun, interactive book invites children to discover the secrets and surprises the desert holds. Who leaves x-shaped tracks? Who has orange and black beady skin? Open the book to find out. Illustrations provide clues, and the rhyming text make this a joy to read aloud.

Learn more about the book’s critters by clicking here.

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Counting Little Geckos


Geckos having fun! Number one is the cool gecko with the blue shades. Gecko number six does push-ups and number four sleeps through it all. The rhyming text helps children anticipate the next number and teaches them to count from one to ten. A read-again-and-again-and-again book!

​Children love Counting Little Geckos (66,500+ sold).


Parents and teachers appreciate the FREE Teaching Guide with 50 activities.


Ducklings, Joeys, Kits, and More

  • 2019 Indie Book Awards Winner (gold) Children's Picture Book (6 years & up) 

  • IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award (Gold)

  • Mom’s Choice Award (Gold)

  • Moonbeam Children’s Book Award (Silver)

  • Bank Street College Best STEM Book of the Year (under five)


"If you were an animal, wild or tame, would you know your daddy's name?" Every page answers this question with a different animal. Children will be delightfully surprised by the animal in the middle of the book, and dads will appreciate the scene on the last page. Rhyming verses describe animal characteristics, and watercolor illustrations capture the feel of the different habitats. Additional animal information and a matching game (here and in the back of the book) extends the learning.

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